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Cleaning Carpet Cleaners Ltd

Central London

Cleaning Carpet Cleaners have been providing top quality carpet cleaning services to our clients for years. All of our experience means that you will only receive the best service at extremely competitive prices. We are waiting to take your call right now so don't delay in getting your carpets cleaned. Call and one of our dedicated team members will assist in providing you an estimate tailored to suit your carpet cleaning needs. For more information call us on 02035407989, or visit www.CleaningCarpetCleaners.com

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  • AlejandroPittman

    13-Sep-2016 Report

    The oven cleaning service from Cleaning Carpet Cleaners was just what I needed for my kitchen.There were no strong chemicals that left my house smelling bad but the results were absolutely perfect. I feel as though I have a brand-new oven – thank you!

  • marieking

    13-Jun-2016 Report

    The cleaning job was completed to an incredibly high standard. There was a lot of work that needed doing, but everything was taken care of professionally. The team were also very courteous and generally a pleasure to be around. I had no complaints and the cleaning report that I left them reflected this. Cleaning Carpet Cleaners are certainly now my number one choice when it comes to cleaning.

  • ScottBing

    24-Feb-2016 Report

    I have had several cleaning companies provide office cleaning service for me, but all of them pale in comparison to Cleaning Carpet Cleaners. The quality of their work is outstanding and everyone in the office seems to recognise this. I just know that I will find the office in perfect condition every morning and for this reason will always rely on the expertise of the company to maintain it clean.

  • RobertaJensen

    28-Sep-2015 Report

    No praise is high enough for the job that Cleaning Carpet Cleaners and their cleaners did in my house. The cleaners that turned up were brilliant, their standard of work was exemplary and I was left with a beautiful clean and spotless house. Many thanks for all the hard work!

  • SonyaColeman

    16-Jun-2015 Report

    I had a stain on my hand woven rug and was unsure who to call. My sister had been happy with a local company called Cleaning Carpet Cleaners, so I decided to contact them and let them help. The carpet technicians were great and did a great job with removing the stain and also using stain protection to prevent further stains from a spillage. The work was excellent and they took care when working on the delicate fabric. The price was good too!

  • LouisHughes

    16-Apr-2015 Report

    The end of another academic term is a welcome break but also comes with a lot of hassle. With deadlines to meet and work to hand in, the last thing on anyone's mind, let alone my own, was cleaning my rented accommodation. That's why I looked to Cleaning Carpet Cleaners to do the job for me. Their cleaning services were very reasonably priced and affordable for students, not to mention the quality of their work which was outstanding. Thanks to the team of cleaners that thankfully gave me one less thing to worry about!

  • EricHarrison

    07-Apr-2015 Report

    My flat mate and I just don't do cleaning very well. The place isn't a pigsty, but without Cleaning Carpet Cleaners it probably would be! We get a cleaner in twice a week to give the place a thorough once over. Those two days are probably the best throughout the week. We love coming home and feeling like a cleaning fairy has been through the apartment!

  • ChristopherStevenson

    31-Mar-2015 Report

    When looking for a cleaning company, I decided to book with Cleaning Carpet Cleaners. The company oozed quality and professionalism on all levels of business; from the time I first spoke to their representatives on the phone to the day I saw how their cleaning staff worked on the job in my house. I was mightily impressed at the speed and efficiency of the process, and I will definitely be using their services again in the future.

  • MarthaMcdonald

    27-Feb-2015 Report

    I picked Cleaning Carpet Cleaners to do my end of tenancy cleaning after reading a lot of great reviews about them. I wasn't disappointed. They did an exceptional job on the house, even managing to remove the carpet stains. They also cleaned the sofas and made them look ten times better and tackled the kitchen and bathroom. I'm so glad Ii hired them - they did a better job than I could ever have hoped for! I highly recommend, thank you so much!

  • BrandonButler

    11-Feb-2015 Report

    We have always used Cleaning Carpet Cleaners for our regular cleaning in the office and never had any complaints. The cleaners were always efficient, friendly and got down to their job without ever needing to be told what to do. They were true professionals. The company was active to make sure that we were always satisfied too with regular contact. When we sold the business, they did the final cleaning too and left the office space completely spotless. Fantastic work with them!

  • CharleneWatson67

    28-Nov-2014 Report

    House cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning you name it I get it all covered now thanks to the lovely Cleaning Carpet Cleaners. I am so much more relaxed now, I get to spend more quality time with my family and I no longer stress over petty little things that I have to do at home, and it's great! I have been hiring this company for 6 months now and I would never go back to the way things were before, they have changed my life dramatically and who would have thought a cleaning company could have such affect on your life, but they absolutely do

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