Sharkey's cuts for kids

West Hampstead

Sharkey's cuts for kids is a kids Hair Salon where "haircuts are cool and fun rules".

Our Salon is situated on the world famous Abbey Road (home of the Beatles recording studio) in St. John's Wood, North West London.
Sharkey's is a unique experience specially designed for kids, combining high-quality haircuts, the latest styles and kids-focused entertainment. Our salons are bright, modern, meticulously clean and completely geared to giving kids and their parents, a memorable experience.
Our incredibly warm, patient, friendly and experienced hair-stylists entertain and amuse kids, so that getting the perfect haircut is a treat rather than an ordeal. This is a place where kids get their haircuts in fun chairs while watching favourite shows on their very own television, play the latest games on the Xbox or Playstation 3 on huge flat screen TVs.

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