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Camdentown Removals


Camdentown Removals is a new specialist in the removals business field, committed to offering our customers something a little bit more than the average moving experience. With 10 years experience of operating in the Camden area, we have expanded to include services for all of London and the rest of the UK as well. In recent years we have also started helping people and companies relocate abroad as well, meaning that we are now able to say that whatever the project, whatever the scale, everyone can benefit from our unique service and our customer service.

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  • thomastaylor

    08-Apr-2016 Report

    It's always been easy for me to move home, after I was lucky enough to come across Camdentown Removals a while ago. For me, one of the most important things is getting the right speed to the entire operation. To say I couldn't be happier would be an understatement. It's all about having the kind of experience which lets them be efficient and you can really see that in everything that they help with.

  • AmyCannon

    29-May-2015 Report

    Even when I booked Camdentown Removals I was worried about what the team would think of the massive job I had for them. I was moving apartments and I had so much stuff. When they arrived they took all of the stress and worry away along with my possessions. The service was professional, friendly and efficient and I have recommended them to all of my friends and family. A fantastic price and a fantastic service!

  • JimmieJefferson

    17-Mar-2015 Report

    Professional help was something which I had decided was going to be absolutely essential for our move. I was concerned that I would let everything get to me and that neither of us would be able to get everything done on time. But we took the decision to bring in Camdentown Removals and that seemed to make sure that everything went well. They had a calming influence on proceedings, I guess because they've been doing this for such a long time and it's really become second nature to them. You could tell they knew exactly what they needed to do.

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