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Self Storage Hampstead Ltd


Do you want to find the very best self storage? If so, then give Self Storage Hampstead Ltd a call and we can make sure that you are getting the very best help around. Whether you are moving home or are renovating, or just need to clear up some extra room, we can make sure that you are getting the best domestic storage in order to make clearing space that much easier.No matter what you need, we can make sure that you are getting everything in the easiest possible manner. For more information call us on 020 3744 5819 or visit www.selfstoragehampstead.co.uk

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  • ashleycannon

    01-Sep-2016 Report

    For my second year of uni, I wanted to do things differently. The year before, I couldn't fit all my stuff in my small flat. I looked into how I could have space but still be able to get and use my stuff. The solution was Self Storage Hampstead Ltd. With one of their storage units I could keep everything accessible but I didn't have to keep things in my room. I will be using this service for my entire time at the uni.

  • WendyHoward

    18-Aug-2015 Report

    My son moved to America but wanted to store the contents of his flat. Self Storage Hampstead Ltd were very approachable and helpful. They helped us with all the practicalities and my son's flat contents are still there now. They allow us access whenever we want to add or remove property and the size of the unit is perfect for our needs.

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