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Our rubbish removal services are provided operating over the whole town. Our teams can remove any type of rubbish, whether it is from your home, office or garden. We can collect waste from most sites across London Monday to Saturday. We offer a same day and next day service, we do all the loading for you and you'll only pay for what we remove. We can remove any rubbish you wish from your house and garden. If it's inside the home, we will take the needed equipment to get your house cleared. Our trucks are equipped with enough bags, brooms and everything necessary to get your house or garden cleared professional, efficiently and on good pricing.

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  • aimeegarner

    12-Apr-2016 Report

    After me and my daughters did a huge cleaning last summer, we found out that we are storing a lot of useless items and they needed to be thrown away. Half of the basement room was filled with heavy boxes and we came up with the idea that we could use a rubbish removal company. These handy guys saved us a lot of effort and the struggle of having to carry tons of heavy boxes. They took everything out very quickly and separated the rubbish by types, so it can be properly disposed which is great. We are satisfied with the rubbish removal and would book them again.

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