Pregnancy Yoga & Bellydance

Kentish Town

Starts 19/01/2015
This is a supportive class where you'll have the opportunity to meet other moms-to-be in the community, feel good about your changing body, learn the traditional wisdom of Bellydance as a dance of birth and embrace yoga as a path for an active birth. Starting with breathing exercises and body awareness activities, we'll focus on prenatal yoga poses that will help us strengthen birthing muscles, improving circulation,easing backache and keeping us fit. We will continue with prenatal bellydance techniques using soft hip, chest and abdominal Bellydance isolations to help decrease muscle tension.We will learn some fun combos using unique Bellydance moves such as pelvic swing, snake arms to gently rock the baby and help bond with him through soothing music.
we will also learn Bellydance tips to help you get your baby in right position and help ease the pain during labour.

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