Wonderoos – reusable one-size pocket nappies

Whitchurch and Rhiwbina

20 Wonderoos to sell. &pound;4 each or &pound;75 including nappy bucket &amp; liners. <br />All in good used condition. Comes with 1X large insert and 1X small insert which popper together plus 1X homemade reusable liner. <br />1 X bright red<br />1X pastel yellow<br />1X pastel green<br />1xwhite<br />16X pastel blue<br />Comfort <br />Lined with stretchy, soft &lsquo;stay-dry' fleece layer to keep baby's skin dry<br />Unique leg bindings to give maximum protection: no red marks!<br />No seams against baby's body<br />Thickness of the nappy can be altered to the occasion to make sure baby is comfortable whether its playtime or bedtime<br />Trim fitting from newborn to toddler<br />&hellip; convenience <br />One piece to put on<br />Fasten at the waist with a simple set of poppers<br />&hellip; and economy<br />Only one size to buy<br />Durable<br />You never need to buy anything else!<br />No special soaks, detergents or liners are necessary.