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Finding the right tutor is quick & easy! Just search our database using our Quick Search tool - Find the tutor that's right for you – then Register to contact the tutor. If you decide they're suitable and an agreement is made, you pay a one-off £10 fee for their full contact details.

About us:

Zoom Tutors is the UK's fastest growing online tutor-matching service.

Our goal is to connect you with one of our expert tutors wherever you are in the UK. Our database of tutors offers tuition in a wide range of subjects, catering for all levels from early years to GCSE, A Level and above. We have 100's of new tutors registering every week.

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  • JoeCardiff

    01-Oct-2014 Report

    Found a GCSE Maths teacher on the site, there was a good selection, and most were teachers rather than just private tutors, which I preferred. It was very user friendly, and messaging system was easy to use. I received an email when a message had been returned by the tutor I'd contacted. I think they should get rid of the 1 mile/2 mile setting though, if you use the site set radius at 20 miles or higher for a fuller picture. The £10 fee was much lower than other sites, and there was no commission or overheads. I will use them again.

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