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Shining Stars Nursery School

Pontcanna and Canton

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Shining Stars Nursery School is a new setting registered with CSSIW and WPPA. We are a creative pre-school with lots of painting, exploring, music and fun. Children are nurtured in a well-thought out environment from which they can explore, experiment and experience new things. They learn independence, self-awareness and mutual respect. They are encouraged to express themselves through play, communication, imagination and music. Emotional Well-Being is important to us.
The nursery has a large bright activity room and we have a secure outdoor play area and garden. Staff have been handpicked for their love of children and are qualified and experienced in Early Years Education. Activities are carefully planned.
We follow the principles of the Foundation Phase and cover the seven areas of learning. English is the main language with Welsh and Chinese on offer.

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  • Mwnci7

    29-Feb-2016 Report

    My Daughter (2.8yrs) and I discovered the Thursday morning toddler group around 6 months ago. It's fantastic. Perfect for her age and perfect for me too.
    For a very small charge we can spend a couple of hours in a lovely environment playing and socialising. The variety of play stations are brilliant. With such a warm, friendly and personal welcome I would recommend this group to anyone and have done on many occasions.

  • teayllon

    28-Jan-2016 Report

    Our two year old twins started nursery in January, and they absolutely love it. We spent some time there before they officially started, which really helped them to get used to the place and the staff who works there. It's a small group of children which allows them to have enough space to concentrate and delve deep into their activities without much distraction. The staff are truly what makes this place special. The level of kindness, gentle engagement, encouragement and support they give to the children is wonderful. They encourage creativity and play through lots of fun activities, and they always offer healthy snacks and food. They sing songs in different languages. English, Welsh and Mandarin are some of them. The children of the nursery are from many different countries which creates a very special environment and atmosphere, and sometimes the children are taught about the different cultures, foods and countries. The days at the nursery are structured through play, snack time, outdoor play, tidying, songs and stories. The most important thing for me has been knowing that my children are in a safe and happy environment with people who care about them, and that is exactly what the staff provides at Shining Stars Nursery. I warmly recommend them. It's has become a very important part of our daily life as a busy family.

  • SisW21

    16-Mar-2015 Report

    My 3 year old son has been going to Shining Stars nursery since it has started and absolutely loves it there. The staff and Mrs Sim, the lady who runs it, are very friendly, great with children, and have excellent creativity skills that keep all the children very engaged in the numerous activities that they have planned each week. It's great to see my son and the other children there have so much fun. I really love the fact that the hall is very spacious and they use the space there very well, as there's lots of different areas where the children can explore and learn! One of which is the role play area where there's a play house and each week the theme is different! Ranging from a doctor's surgery, grocer's shop, chinese restaurant, a family home with baby dolls to look after... What I find excellent is that some of the role play props are real life items, such as real vegetables, kitchenware, first aid kit items! It's great that the activities are based around different themes, such as seasons of the year, the many different festivals that we celebrate, like harvest, Christmas, St Davids day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter and even Chinese New Year! For their Chinese theme, they had noodles for snacks and the children could experience using chopsticks, do Chinese ribbon dancing, and even had a Chinese musical string instrument on display that they could feel! They also had a summer beach and camping theme with a real life tent and camping essentials! They created a lovely beach theme outside in their gated outdoor play area that had lots of sand and water play, which my son loved! They also use this outdoor space for bikes and trikes, hopscotch and hula hoop play, chalk drawing... All wonderful creative ideas each week! Messy play is also a big thumbs up for my son! He loves painting, and the different crafts and pictures they paint and make each week are great! The natural resources they use are just very creative! I have many crafts displayed at home which my son proudly shows any guests we have visiting us! They have many hands on activities too like baking, where the children all helped to bake a birthday cake on my son's birthday! The children also help with cutting up fruit for snack, cutting up vegetables for making soup for snack time... My son has learnt so much since he's been going to the nursery there, with the many songs they sing, and the welsh and mandarin vocabulary that they also teach the children too! At the moment the nursery runs on Tuesday's and Friday's, and they have a mother and toddler group every Thursday mornings that I also go to with my son, and even my 5 year old daughter too when she's on half term or term breaks from school! The activities they plan for the older children are just as creative and engaging! Overall, this nursery is very warm and friendly, and the staff have a wonderful passion for children, I highly recommend both the nursery and the mother and toddler group to all!

  • lhlee62

    16-Dec-2014 Report

    My daughter has been attending since they opened and she loves it. They are very attentive, friendly and engaging. They have loads of different activities and during Christmas she has come home with loads of handmade decorations which are adorning our tree and mantle piece.

    It's a lovely environment and my daughter loves attending, she's runs in every time without even a backward look at me. I always feel very confident in leaving her with the staff there.

    The facilities are really clean, tidy and well maintained. I would definitely recommend it to any parent.

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