Right Direction Life Coaching

Roath and Splott

Life Coaching for children, young people & their parents.

I am very aware that children do not always listen to their parents, especially when they are trying to help us. It is sometimes so much easier to listen to the advice of someone who is not emotionally involved in the relationship. Some of the issues I have helped children, young people and their parents cope with are:

Positive Parenting Skills
Friendships/Relationship Building
Confidence & Self Esteem
Sibling Rivalry
Coping with stress
Coping with change
Fussy Easting
Making New Friends
Organisational Skills
Time Management
Revision Techniques & Exam Presssure
Healthy Eating & Exercise
Positive Life Choices

For further information please visit www.rightdirectionlifecoaching.co.uk or get in touch on 07961 314019 or email me: liane@rightdirectionlifecoaching.co.uk

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