Children's Party Catering


Robinson's catering can provide children's party food delivered to your door for £20 and, as our prices start from £2.00 a head, that means you can entertain 10 kids at home or in a function hall for as little as £20. Any orders under £20 may be delivered but there will be a £5 delivery charge or, alternatively, food could be collected from our premises.
Three to six years of age:
sandwich platter
Let's Party!

3 nuggets and chips
3 golden tiddlers and chips
small sausage and chips
All at £2.00 per head (wrapped in paper)
All come with toy, party food box and carton of drink £3.25

Six years of age and over:
mixed bagel and ciabatta
Fun Food!
5 nuggets and chips
burger and chips
hot dog and chips
sausage and chips
All for £2.50 or £3.00 with a drink (cans or cartons)
Food served in a hot box

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