Chelmsford Cancer Charity


Chelmsford Cancer Charity (CCC) was established in 2010, and is run by patients, cancer specialists and local people. By being a local charity, all money raised goes directly to facilities available to people in Essex and surrounding areas, reducing money wasted in administrative costs and overheads.

The Charity aims to fund clinical trials and research supporting local cancer specialists based at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford.

Research includes:
• New surgical techniques
• Studies on patients quality of life, side effects of treatment and cancer process
• New anti-cancer drugs
• Nursing studies

‘Clinical Trials'
Trials aim to find out if a new anti-cancer treatment, surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy:
• Is safe
• Has manageable side effects
• Works better than currently used treatment
• Helps patients feel better, improves quality of life and prolongs survival and recovery

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