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Central Chelmsford

I have been a complementary therapist in Chelmsford for over 10 years, and I specialise in Holistic, organic health and wellbeing solutions. I work with you mind, body and spirit to help you to achieve balance - in your body and your life. I am qualified in over 16 different therapeutic modalities, though I specialise in Reflexology, therapeutic and remedial massage and myofascial release. I deliver a range of fabulous treatments, and courses to really help you to tackle the things in your life you want to do, and my In Fine Fettle course (for the over 50's) is designed to maintain health and wellbeing of mind and body long into old age, whereas Just The Way You Are is all about learning to love yourself enough to treat yourself with love and respect, and to achieve the life you want and deserve. I hope to meet you very soon!

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