11+ Preparation & Tuition


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  • 8 years to 11 years

Individual & paired tuition for Y4 & Y5 children preparing for the 11+. I teach after school & during school holidays/inset days.

A qualified teacher for 40 years with 25 years experience working with individual pupils on a 1-to-1 basis. I have wide experience of working with students unable to attend school e.g. exclusion, school phobia and those suffering from medical conditions. I have been a private tutor since 2009 successfully preparing children for Gloucestershire 11+ exam and I'm pleased to currently have 100% pass rate with CEM exam.

Students taking the 11+ exam need above or well above average ability and I'll help you decide whether to proceed with 11+ preparation based on SATs levels provided by your child`s school. CAT scores (usually sat early in Y5) are also a good indicator of a child`s potential to pass the 11+ exam. I'll advise if I think a child wouldn't be happy or would struggle in Grammar School and recommend that parents cease 11+ tuition. I advise that 11+ tuition begins no later than start of Y5. Many begin preparation 1-2 years before the test to provide time to cover the extensive content, learn time management and to have time to practise full tests.

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