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Pilates Matwork & Equipment Instructor


Pilates Cheshire provides private & group training in Pilates Matwork and Equipment, The Pink Ribbon Pilates based Rehabilitation program for Breast Cancer survivors & Pre & Post Natal specialist classes in Matwork & Studio equipment. Maureen is also an Invigilator for Group X training.
Pilates is one of the most effective mind/body disciplines that will strengthen your back, increase your flexibility, improve your posture and bring you vital body awareness so that you can maintain a strong yet supple body which moves with ease and comfort.
Matwork include a series of interconnected exercises, each with a particular breathing pattern which encourages fluidity, control and precision of movement allowing you to move
your body safely and effective thus reducing risks of injuries .

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  • ZeldaDeb

    20-Nov-2013 Report

    Maureen is an excellent Pilates teacher. She carefully leads you through all the exercises, demonstrating clearly and describing how they target areas of the body. I have learnt so much from her in the last 6 months and really look forward to my weekly sessions. They have made a real difference to me and have really increased my core strength.

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