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Excalibur Play & Learn Preschool


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We are a Pre-school in the grounds of Excslibur Primary School although we are an in dependant business. We offer Pre-school education from 2 until school age. Please see our website for more details.

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  • LizBran17

    13-Nov-2013 Report

    My sons Euan and Calum both attended Play and Learn, with Calum still there now and Euan has gone up to reception.I cannot understand how anyone would say this about Play and Learn the only explanation would be somebody wanting to just be nasty. From the comments posted its clear from the childish, untrue remarks that they are very resentful and made up. Both my sons have incredible experiences and memories and infact Euan often says how he misses certain members of staff. As regards to the teachers they are wonderful.Each and everyone of them are approachable and caring with the children and i would go as far as to say they are friends. They are supportive and have helped me personally with things that are not to do with the children or the nursery and have given great support. So sorry but I would say I completely disagree and that if you want to leave your child at a place full of fun and happiness and with people who they feel safe and secure with then Play and Learn is the place. Liz Brannigan ( non anonynous)

  • Alwaysplayingcatchup

    12-Nov-2013 Report

    All three of my children have attended Play and Learn with the youngest still there now. They have all enjoyed their time there. The preschool is so true to it's name - the children learn through play with a great range of activities supported by caring staff. My family has been part of the Play and Learn community now for several years since my oldest child attended and I have come to regard the staff more like friends. My children have always been cared for to the highest standard. My daughter is delighted when it's a 'school' day and runs in to play. She is full of stories when I pick her up of all the wonderful activities she has been involved in. I know if want to I can pop in at any time and talk to staff or see what is going on. I would recommend Play and Learn to anyone as a safe and happy setting.

  • woodruffs7

    12-Nov-2013 Report

    I'm a dad, so i hope i'm allowed on mumsnet!

    My 3 year old son goes to Excalibur Play & Learn. He loves it. It is a happy, friendly and safe environment where all the children and staff get on well and have fun together. Sue and her team are great with the kids and easy to get on with - I would not hesitate to recommend Excalibur Play & Learn to any other parents and I must say that the review by "voicesinmyear" does not match our experience at all. My son is always happy and excited to tell us about his day when we pick him up from here - and as far as I am concerned that's the best recommendation possible.

  • Motherof3girls

    12-Nov-2013 Report

    Well Voiceinmyear, what a load of rubbish!!! What are you, another local nursery who's a bit jealous??!?!? Firstly, my daughter goes to Excalibur Play and Learn 4 days a week, and she loves going to there!!! She goes swimming with them, has French Lessons, and as my daughter is a bright girl, they are even helping her learn to read. The staff here do NOT ignore any child. The children LOVE the staff. Bullied???? I cant not even believe you have used that word!!! The staff adore the children. If a child is upset etc, the staff are there to soothe them and calm them. If I ever have a concern, its been dealt with straight away.

    And as for paying for your child to watch TV????????? They dont even HAVE a TV!! My child has never watched TV at Play and Learn, so I have no idea where you get that rubbish from!!!

    I reccommend Play and Learn to ALL my friends, I wouldnt do that if my daughter wasnt happy there.

    I suggest you actually go and Visit Play and Learn and see for yourself, and ignore the rubbish this Voicesinmyear has written.

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