Credit Union in Alsager


We are afinancial co-operative owned by its members. Each credit union operates in a particular region and we are part of Cheshire Neighbours Credit Union.
It offers savings schemes and great value loans. It is ethical and local. Anyone can join for a £5 fee and savings provide funds from which loans can be made. Persons joining have to save for a few weeks before getting a loan. There are schemes to help people to buy necessary household items at very low interest rates, very much cheaper than store hire purchase schemes.

£100 deposited in Credit Union can generate £13 in a year when loaned out and SAVE the person who borrows £62 in interest NOT PAID in doorstep loans.
Missing out on your interest, then, produces £13 + £62 = £75 in benefits to the community!
Come along any Saturday morning at Wesley Place from 10 until 11.30 A.M..

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