Family Spin

East Cheshire

  • Pro Spin Club

  • Castle Hill Court, Mill Lane, Ashley, WA15 0RE

  • 0161 924 0293



  • £7.50 per bike

  • 4-Mar-15 to 4-Mar-17

  • Sat, Sun, 11am-11.45 Sat; 11.30-12.15 Sun

  • Teenagers to Adult

disabled access

Our Family class takes into consideration the younger people participating and is less intense with longer more frequent breaks to allow ample recover time and allows adults who might be regular spinners at other gyms the chance to spin with their kids.
With the current chart music and instructors who make the class more fun and interactive so the younger generation don't see it like PE at school. In some cases the kids are challenged to race their parents or try to work harder than them creating a great environment for everyone – beating dad in a race is something they can tell their friends about. Before classes, the instructors explain every aspect of spin and will spend time to show everyone how to set up their bikes, correct body positions and things to look out for while exercising. Suitable for anyone over 4'11 tall and 12 years and older.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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