Greyfriars Books


Greyfriars Books was opened with two walls of shelving in one basement room, in a yellow brick Victorian house at the top of East Hill, Colchester in 1983.

Since then we have expanded backwards, (opening a third room in 2000), and upwards, (opening fourth and fifth rooms in 2002), in the real world and outwards into the virtual world, beginning to sell on in January 2003 and on in May 2004.
While the internet is an ever growing influence on bookselling and a constantly expanding part of our business, we feel very strongly that this has to be combined with a bold and obvious presence in the real world. We are committed to our bookshop. Its location and form may change over the coming years, we don't know. We don't know because it is difficult to predict how bookselling will evolve, but evolve it will.

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