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Maggs House


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Maggs House offers unique, beautiful designs for boys and girls. The clothing is comfortable and fun, often using colourful fabrics to create an eye-catching article. Maggs House outfits are all designed to be suitable for children wearing real nappies, including a bit of extra room around the bottom.

My approach to young fashion uses my experience of dressmaking, and being the mother of one very adventurous little girl.

Maggs House is designed and handmade in Northern Ireland, from fabrics purchased in the UK.

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  • Maman976

    16-Jan-2015 Report

    I am so happy with my purchase of purple dungarees! The fabric is beautiful and has been cut really well. The attention to detail with the buttons and pockets look great on my little boy. I highly recommend Maggs House for lovingly, handmade clothes for your children. They look fabulous and are very reasonably priced.

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