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Carpet Cleaning Croydon Ltd


Our carpet cleaners at Carpet Cleaning Croydon Ltd are unrivalled in London. We understand the sheer expanse of the area and are mindful that homeowners demand their carpet is up to scratch over the winter months. An unclean carpet frequently walked upon in damp shoes will only compromise heat retention in a room and mean you spend more on heating this winter. But with our company you won't need to. We provide a carpet clean service in every room that has carpet underfoot, yet will only charge you for the cleaning of one room. Additionally, our rug cleaning service follows the same principle. You can easily reach us on 02035407511 or visit www.carpetcleaningcroydon.org.uk

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  • DanielBarnes

    01-Oct-2015 Report

    I am one of the happy clients of Carpet Cleaning Croydon Ltd. Ever since hiring them to conduct my upholstery cleaning on a seasonal basis, I now have lovely, clean and hygienic upholstery all of the time. I do not have to worry about doing the job myself or anything like that, which makes the whole thing so much easier. If you are in need of a professional cleaning company then this one is amazing – would definitely recommend them! If you want better looking upholstered furniture this is the service for you!

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