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Group meet-ups in Croydon are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer hippychick77.

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  • Hi all!
    I'm new to this group, so I thought I'd share one of the places we go to in case anyone fancies it :) On a Wednesday there is an excellent free music session at Nordoff Robbins, which is next to the Brit School.
    There are two sessions, one is (I think) 1:30-2:00, the session I go to is 2:10-2:45 every week. My son is 11 months old, I've been taking him since he was 2 months old and he loves it! Most people there have under 2s, but older children are welcome too as long as they will enjoy it. It's quite a hands on singing/dancing session, often with the children joining in beating a drum etc.

  • hippychick77 12-Sep-2016 21:54 Add message | Message poster

    Hi everyone.

    Thanks for your feedback on organisation programs etc.

    I agree it could all get very complicated if we used an outside resource - so let's keep everything on Mumsnet.

    I will be in touch soon to arrange a meeting.

    In the meantime, if anyone has any recommendations of a good family-friendly venue, please share.

    Thanks v much!


  • Hi everyone,

    It's great that we're looking at a new meet-up.

    May I request that we keep the conversations on Mumsnet though?

    This is a for a number of reasons including keeping everyone in the loop, including the 'lurkers' who are deliberating whether to come or not, and to prevent a clique forming of those who are part of a separate group as this would prevent new people coming along. The nature of motherhood is that people drift in and out of these meetups so we need to keep it accessible for people to come to at the last minute.

    Does that sound OK?

  • Evascoming 12-Sep-2016 08:02 Add message | Message poster

    Hi again! Hope you had a lovely summer. Yes, there must be an easier way of organising meetups without lots of emails.
    There are quite a few apps available for scheduling dates, which you could try finding via a Google search. I've been trying to use NeedToMeet, but not sure how easy it is to use, or whether people would be able to navigate it!

  • Priya87 08-Sep-2016 22:55 Add message | Message poster

    there is an event on 24th September in Standerstnd it's a family event or there is a event on Saturday for Totstars sports academy family fun day. I will be attending both of these events if interested in joining.


  • hippychick77 08-Sep-2016 21:39 Add message | Message poster

    Hi everybody

    Welcome to our new members! We all look forward to meeting you and your little ones soon.

    Now that the older kids are packed off to school and the summer hols are a distant memory, I think its time for another meet-up!

    As we have a huge number of people in the group now, does anyone know of any programs etc, which would make organising a meet-up easier?

    Thanks v much x

    Hippychick77 (Marsha)