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Group meet-ups in Croydon are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer hippychick77.

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  • Evascoming 19-Apr-2014 09:17 Add message | Message poster

    Hi all. Re deas for meetup venue on 29th April, if the weather is nice enough for outdoors, Park Hill (park in Central Croydon) is lovely and has a children's playground too. Otherwise can only suggest the library again or a cafe.

  • hippychick77 16-Apr-2014 11:05 Add message | Message poster

    Hi Ladies

    Welcome to the new members!

    Hope you are all having a great Easter - at least the weather is holding up.

    I thought that I would set up another meeting for a couple of weeks time (I'm thinking Tuesday 29 April at 10.30am). Before I confirm the date, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of a good place to meet:

    In central Croydon
    Preferably free or inexpensive
    Good for children
    can hold a lot of people (in case the whole group are available!)

    I would be grateful if you could let me have any ideas.

    Thanks v much!


  • Great to read that you got a good group together and had fun.

  • Great to read that you got a good group together and had fun.

  • hippychick77 02-Apr-2014 12:33 Add message | Message poster

    Hi there

    It was great meeting you all yesterday!

    For those who couldn't come, I will arrange another meet-up for after the Easter break, so hope you can make it. I will confirm a date nearer the time.

    In the meantime, have a good Easter!


  • hippychick77 31-Mar-2014 20:46 Add message | Message poster

    Hi there

    Thank you to all who have replied so far. I look forward to meeting you all tomorrow!


  • kikic11 31-Mar-2014 18:16 Add message | Message poster

    Hi. Would like to make it along with baby - 8 months old!

  • Evascoming 31-Mar-2014 12:56 Add message | Message poster

    Hi. Will join you tomorrow with baby!

    See you then.


  • lemoncake1 31-Mar-2014 12:08 Add message | Message poster

    Thank you. See you then.

  • Hi

    Thank you for arranging, unfortunately I can no longer make it as have gone away for a couple of days. We'll definitely be up for the next one though


  • hippychick77 31-Mar-2014 10:00 Add message | Message poster

    Hi Everyone

    Just to let you know, I have arranged a meet-up for tomorrow, Tuesday 1 April at 10.30am. Please feel free to bring your little ones with you. I thought we could meet up at the Clocktower cafe in Croydon, grab a drink and move to the children's library (its all in the same building). This will give the children something to do whilst we chat.

    I hope you can all make it, although I appreciate it is quite short notice. It would be good to know numbers of those coming, so If you could just drop me a note to let me know if you are coming, that would be great!

    So hopefully I will see you all tomorrow!

    Have a great day


  • Just want to draw everyone's attention to the fact that we have a new Local Ambassador - you will see that hippychick77 is now organising the Croydon meet-ups but I am sure she will be happy for any assistance.

    Thank you hippychick77!

  • lemoncake1 24-Mar-2014 15:28 Add message | Message poster

    Thanks so much for organising a meet up. I can do March 31st or April 1st. 10am is fine for me -traffic permitting, after dropping my eldest at school! Central Croydon is good too. What about the Clock Tower café?

  • hippychick77 24-Mar-2014 12:33 Add message | Message poster

    Hi HayleyandHenry

    Thanks for your reply. I will post updates once we have more responses.

    Have a good day

  • Hi, I am new to the group but would love to meet you all. I can do Monday- Wednesday that week. Slightly later works better for me but I can do 10am if that's best for everyone else :)

  • hippychick77 24-Mar-2014 00:07 Add message | Message poster

    Hi Ladies

    Hope you have all had a good weekend.

    It seems that there is a vacancy for a volunteer to organise these meet ups! So, I that would be me then!

    So, shall we start the ball rolling? I think central croydon was convenient for most last time, although the group has grown a lot since then.

    Let me know if you have any recommendations for a venue to meet. It will have to be child-friendly naturally. Also, I think a weekday is more convenient for most, as weekends get quite busy.

    So, basically to put an end to my ramble, I would suggest:

    Central croydon as a general area (please let me know re. venues)
    Sometime the week commencing 31 March? - let me know what day is good for you this week.
    Timing: I would suggest a morning around 10am - again, is this a good idea?

    Thanks ladies, hope to hear from you soon.

  • Saturday 8 March is International Women's Day, a chance to celebrate inspiring women both in the public eye and closer to home. Mumsnet thought a great place to start would be showcasing some of our brilliant Local Ambassadors, who organise meet-ups in their areas.

    As some of you will know, Levelled is back at work and therefore not able to organise meet-ups so if anyone would like to take on this role, send me a PM and we'll get the ball rolling.

  • lemoncake1 15-Feb-2014 20:29 Add message | Message poster

    Hello Ladies
    The Kenley group is meeting up at Henry's House, Croydon Road, CR3 on Monday at 2pm. As its half term I thought it may be of interest!