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Wasp Nest Removal In Croydon


Wasps &amp; hornets alike can pose a real concern about the home &amp; garden especially if you have little ones, there stings are painful &amp; they can also contaminate our food. <br />If you are noticing an increase in wasp activity around your property then you may well have a colony nearby. Try to follow the flightpath of any wasps or hornets you see &amp; observe where they are getting into.<br />If two or more wasps go into a specific point then you will have at least the start of a wasps nest. If this is the case then please leave well alone as there maybe thousands of stinging pests within, instead call our Croydon based wasp removal team &amp; we will safely remove the infestation for you.<br />A set price of &pound;40 is made &amp; a same day treatment is usually available leaving you wasp free in the shortest possible time.<br />Our treatments are fully guaranteed

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  • gcsguttering

    03-Mar-2013 Report

    I have used this company many times due to my trade & would highly recommend there services. I have never had a problem after 1 hour of treatment.

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