Physiotherapist Led Pregnancy Pilates


These unique programmes have been featured in the Mother and Baby Magazine (September 2012) and Endorsed by Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing.

Each session covers a short topic of discussion followed by Core Stability and Postural (Pilates) Exercises on a Gym ball and Mat. Join us and learn about:
Changes your body goes through, The importance of posture and your core, Safe and effective exercises in pregnancy, Spine, abdominal and pelvic floor muscle exercises, How to physically prepare yourself for labour ,How to reduce back and pelvic pain in pregnancy,How to aid a quicker recovery after birth of your baby
£60 per 5 week Antenatal programme & £50 per 5 week Postnatal 1:1 sessions £25 each

To complement this service we also provide Massage, both before & after Pregnancy £35 for 1 hour, in addition to Baby Massage.

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