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Mountain View Childcare


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The doors open promptly at 8 am. Please<br />note we cannot accept children before this time. Breakfast is served until 8.30<br />am. Please remember to sign your child in and use the facility on the register to<br />let us know if they have had anything to eat and drink at home. The children<br />are escorted to school at approximately 8.45 am. Children going to the Infants<br />school are signed in. For children going to the Junior school a system is in place<br />to ensure that the Junior school secretary is aware of which children have been<br />brought into school by our staff so any absences are reported early on in the<br />school day.

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  • Parentone

    04-May-2015 Report

    My daughters loved this nursery and often attended the breakfast and after school clubs
    They've got a new website now too
    Highly recommended!!

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