Drama & Dance Parties (facepainting)

County wide

DRAMA PARTIES: <br />Lets imagine the theme was pirates, children arrive &amp; recieve a treasure map which has been left for them by Captain Jack, this outlines activities which must be completed to reveal the treasure!<br />Activities include age appropriate songs, dances,and games.<br /><br />We provide party prizes as well as the final &quot;treasure&quot;!<br /><br />Costs vary and can be amended to suit any event. <br /><br />Basic packages are estimated below, <br />* &pound;40 for one hour,includes all of the above and party prizes<br />* &pound;70 for two hours, includes simple facepainting, or pampering for princess parties<br />* DELUXE &pound;100 : three hours, including all of the above plus face painting, party bags, themed cupcakes and party prizes<br /><br />DANCE PARTIES : <br />Are &pound;40 per session for an unlimited number of children, lasting for 1:30 minutes, including games and prizes.<br />Dances are themed to fit around your Childs favourite song, band or TV program

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