Q.E.D. Mathematics


Maths is a subject that everyone agrees is vital for success at school, in examinations, and in life. Yet many young people ( and not so young) struggle to acquire basic skills, and experience difficulty in making connections between topics taught and their applications to life.
Q.E.D. has designed a unique approach to tuition, known as “The Power of Eight” where each student gains the confidence to explore, discuss, solve and celebrate their success in a structured, safe learning environment led by a successful maths education professional.
Q.E.D. provides personalised learning pathways for your child in:
• Mastering the skills of arithmetic, measure and data.
• Reading with understanding when preparing for SATs
• Progress through transition from Primary to Secondary
• Develop mathematical thinking to succeed in GCSE.
• Boost Algebra skills to bridge the gap between GCSE and A level.

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