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Treetops Castle Garden


Castle Garden Day Nursery offers skilled baby and toddler care for up to fifty-eight children, serving the needs of Duffield parents with as versatile a service as possible.

The nursery boasts a wide range of equipment and has its own soft play area, with trips to farms and zoos also popular with children who are encouraged to learn in a fun atmosphere with as many creative freedoms as staff are able to provide.

Home-cooked food is another satisfying addition, with the nursery looking to live up to the reputation of their respected owner Tree Tops Nurseries, who themselves own over thirty childcare services.

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  • Mummy292

    06-May-2016 Report

    This nursery has really gone downhill over recent years. I have had terrible experiences myself whereby my child suffered neglect due to poor staffing,but talking to other mums I have found that many have taken treetops to ofsted for various reasons. Terrible customer service or compassion when reporting the issues. Just ask around and see for yourself, post on Facebook and see what you get back as I did!!! It's quite scary really, would not leave a baby here.

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