Archway Bookshop

East Devon

Framed by a stone arch believed to be originally from Newenham Abbey, Archway Bookshop occupies a delightful position in the conservation area of Axminster. The small frontage of this traditional bookshop belies the vast array of books and cards displayed on two floors - the second being reached by a magnificent sprial staircase. 11, 000 books on wide-ranging topics and 10,000 quality greetings cards lie within.

This truly is a Browser's Paradise where excellent old-fashioned customer service is combined with new-era technology & local home delivery service, to provide quality information in an instant.

The shop also acts as a box office for local concerts and shows, and the 'noticeboard' is a sought-after information point for the community.

You may always be assured of a warm welcome from the knowledgeable owners and staff at The Archway.

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