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Mr Biscuits


Mr Biscuits produces a range of hand made biscuits and cakes using traditional recipes dating back nearly one hundred years.

You can find us in Newton Abbot's Market Square, upstairs, right above Wilkinson.

The only cafe in Newton Abbot town centre with a free toddlers' play area!

Mr Biscuits also hosts slingmeets, and offers a range of baby & toddler products for sale.

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  • DevonMummy1

    20-Sep-2013 Report

    I love this place because it has a small indoor play area for the little ones. So while you are waiting for food they are kept entertained and you don't have to rush your lunch if they finish before you. It's only a small area but perfect for little ones.

    All of the food is really reasonable priced and there's a great selection of different things.

    Mr Biscuits is open 9:15am - 4:00pm and is located above Wilkinsons in the middle of town. If you park in the Multistorey car park then you can just walk across the bridge straight to the cafe. Nice and easy. :-)

  • EggFlipped

    10-Jun-2013 Report

    Mr Bisuits are delicious.
    A great place to take your baby/toddler/young child if you want a decent cup of coffee & cookie for yourself while they're free to play in a special area with a glass wall so you can keep an eye on them. Great little biscuits and savoury snacks for children too.
    I can heartily recommend the bacon sandwich and teacake bagels.
    Reasonably priced and they even have copies of the i on the tables for you to read.

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