Purity Boutique Spa

East Devon

Curled up amongst the quaint cobbled streets of Exeter and overlooking its impressive Cathedral, Purity Spa offers a wide range of treatments in a vintage-inspired cubby hole of beauty, adorned with shabby chic furniture and floral pastels.
Leaving behind the pressures of everyday life you will be welcomed by Mariam Badavi, a specialist in anti-ageing skincare with over 10 years experience as a beauty therapist.
The vision for Purity is to create a unique day spa that provides treatments with visible benefits that are both relaxing and rejuvenating in a tranquil environment. With this in mind, Mariam has carefully chosen the Environ range, known for their clinical benefits and Aromatherapy Associates known for their relaxing properties.
After your chosen treatment, sit back, relax and enjoy our complimentary vintage tea experience.

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