Gribbles Butchers & Deli

West Devon

Situated in the heart of Devon – one of the best agricultural regions in the UK – Gribble's Butchers is a well-established and friendly West Country Butchers operating in accordance with a simple ethos:

“to provide top quality, traceable meats using traditional butchery methods whilst supporting the local farming community and West Country suppliers.”

In practice, this means that when you buy your meat from Gribble's butchers, you are guaranteed that:
- You will know exactly where it has come from – and that will always be from a local West Country supplier;
- The animals are traditionally reared, in accordance with the highest standards of animal welfare;
- The animals are slaughtered humanely and locally to ensure the meat is as fresh as possible (and to keep ‘food miles' to a minimum); and
- Above all, that the meat you buy will always be of the best quality and taste amazing.

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