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As a registered Midwife I provide comprehensive care for women throughout pregnancy, birth and up to six weeks postnatally. My approach tailors to your individual need whether it's full midwifery care that you'd like, or just antenatal or postnatal care. I am also happy to provide individual consultations to complement your NHS care.

Independent Midwives are fully qualified medics and regulated in the same way as our NHS counterparts. We have chosen to work outside the NHS in a way that fully utilises our lead expert role as autonomous, expert practitioners.

I live in Totnes, Devon and cover Dartington, Buckfastleigh, Ashburton, Brixham, Dartmouth, Ivybridge, Paignton, Torquay, Newton Abbot, Kinkerswell and all other areas within a 40 mile radius.

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  • IndependentMidwife

    16-Oct-2014 Report

    A few Birth Stories from some of my Previous Clients

    Ellen, Paul and baby
    "We booked Sangeeta as our midwife quite early on in my pregnancy. We'd had consultations with two other independent midwives who were both very nice, but within minutes of Sangeeta walking into our lives, I had the feeling that she was the one I needed to see me through my first pregnancy.

    I always looked forward to my appointments with her because of her warm and professional manner. I instantly felt relaxed as soon as she arrived which was important because I'd been going through a very emotional time. My mother had died a few days after I found out I was pregnant and I was thrown right off centre. I worried that my bereavement was going to affect my pregnancy and prevent me from properly bonding with my baby, but Sangeeta helped me grieve in a way that didn't result in me feeling guilty. I actually cried more tears with Sangeeta than I did with my therapist.

    Sangeeta gave us brilliant advice for my general health and got us both eating and enjoying foods we'd not had before. She is a great resource for information about diet and general health. She made me all sorts of things to help me relax when I went over my due date. I remember bath salts with rose petals, a mineral face mask and a mixture of essential oils to rub on my huge tummy! She told me to go for boat rides on the Thames, picnics in the park, long baths, reflexology and acupuncture and helped me record an answer phone message that made all the difference to my evenings. I'd been frustrated from answering the phone to well meaning colleagues at work, friends and family all wondering ''have you had the baby yet?'' I took her up on pretty much every suggestion she gave me and consequently felt well completely pampered!

    Sangeeta gave us lots of professional articles about induction which we discussed in the sunny garden. We didn't feel pushed one bit, but agreed that a scan to check that the placenta was still healthy was the best thing to do.

    The morning of our scan at St Georges, Sangeeta got an excited call from me to say labour had at last begun! After asking me a few questions that gave her the reassurance she needed to go to her next client, she arrived at our house looking completely relaxed and organised with a kit full of all sorts of things that probably never made it outside the box. She even cancelled the scan for us so they weren't kept waiting- how considerate.

    The mood of the day was like no other day ever. It was like a gentle celebration all the way through. We all trusted each other equally and I loved the fact that I felt so comfortable- no hang up to hold me back from being myself. Once the membrane burst (with a huge gush on the kitchen floor!), the contractions came thick and fast. I couldn't believe the intensity of it, but at the same time, everything Sangeeta had helped me to realise meant that I wasn't afraid or trying to escape what I can honestly say was the worst pain I'd ever had. I was relaxed as I could have been and definitely entered that zone women talk about. It was a long labour, but at last my body just did it and boom, my beautiful boy was born into my hands! I can't say how this felt, but there were plenty of tears from me and Paul.

    After the placenta was out, Sangeeta checked me very carefully and gave me some stitches. Luckily I was able to breastfeed at the same time. Then she tucked up me, baby and Paul in bed for some time alone. When she came back in, she had a tray full of food that she had me choose when I was still pregnant. I was eating raspberries every day, so she brought those in with cream, dates, halva, honey on toast and orange juice. I was so hungry!

    Sangeeta's postnatal care was of the same high quality as what came before. My stitches healed quickly, but I found breastfeeding very challenging. It was a learning curve and I honestly believe that if I hadn't had Sangeeta as our midwife, I would have given up. I had very sore nipples for several days. Sangeeta reassured me that the mechanics worked fine, my positioning was fine, but that the skin needed to get used to this new treatment. Sure enough, by day 8 or so I wasn't wanting to scream and by week 2, me and baby were completely over the hurdle. I breastfed for over a year and a half.

    Need I go further than to say that I was more than happy enough with my midwife? Sangeeta ticked all the right boxes and others that we didn't even know existed. If you choose her, you're in brilliant hands."

    Vanessa, Richard and baby
    "Sangeeta accompanied us through my pregnancy until the safe delivery of our daughter at home, a very hot summers day in June. From the start she supported my choices (having my 1st child at home and 3 weeks late) and always had kind and genuine words towards me and my baby to be. She made a true effort to develop a relationship with my husband, making him feel part of the process, useful and key to the delivery of our baby. On the day she respected my need to be focused and in silence and always made sure I was hydrated, fed and that most importantly that the baby was safe. I will always remember that moment with my husband when our daughter was born in the pool in the living room and the 3 of us were sitting on the couch and Sangeeta made her way into our kitchen and cooked us the most nourishing meal. I don't think any other midwife would have done that! Such kindness, thoughtfulness and love for the 3 of us. Sangeeta that day left us in peace as a family of now 3 and visited regularly to ensure myself and our daughter were doing well. This experience was the most significant one of my life and I believe Sangeeta contributed to the unique connection and bond I have with my daughter today."

    Alison, Paul and baby
    "I was extremely lucky to have Sangeeta with me throughout the labour and birth of my second child. Her very calm presence and constant reassurance that my body could do this gave me the confidence to achieve a natural birth and to have a massively more positive experience than I had had with my first child. I was very grateful that she was there."

    Sue, Ras and baby
    "I began looking for an alternative to NHS midwifery care after I fell pregnant with my third child. I had had functional and uneventful midwifery and postnatal support with my first pregnancy. With the exception of breastfeeding support, it was adequate. In the late stages and postnatal period of my second pregnancy, my baby and I were badly let down by the NHS care we received and I lost my second daughter at two days old.

    When I fell pregnant with my third child I started looking at alternatives and considered doulas and independent midwives. Following a recommendation I met Sangeeta. The independent midwifery care she gave me and my family was entirely different from the NHS care I had experienced in either of my previous pregnancies. From the beginning Sangeeta's independent midwifery was holistic. Her care encompassed and supported me and my family and she gave us continuity of care from early pregnancy, the birth and postnatal periods. Sangeeta was always calm, her kindness and support unwavering. It was wonderful and reassuring to have a clear care plan set out early in the pregnancy and to have someone who I could contact directly should I ever need advice.

    I decided to have a hospital birth and Sangeeta worked seamlessly alongside the NHS, liasing with my GP and the maternity department at the hospital to ensure all information was clearly shared to enable the best care to be provided at all times. Sangeeta was with us during the labour and water birth, supporting us and communicating our needs throughout. I am so grateful to have had Sangeeta by my side at a time when I was anxious and fearful. Her support helped to make the birth of my son a lovely experience.

    Our postnatal care commenced while we were still in hospital and seamlessly continued into our home following our discharge. I had not been successful in breastfeeding my daughter and I very much doubt I would have succeeded and enjoyed it so much without Sangeeta's guidance. It was not easy to learn but we eventually got on so well that my son and I continued well beyond the weaning stage and loved it!

    The midwifery, birth and postnatal period of care were outstanding. The continuity of care we received during the pregnancy meant Sangeeta knew us, our history and care needs thoroughly.

    Sangeeta's passion for midwifery, her care and personal qualities are unique. She worked with us and alongside our trauma and fears and gained our trust and respect. She gave us emotional care, practical support and she gave us time to listen and time to be heard. I am so grateful that Sangeeta was part of such an important time in my life and I am thankful for the time she spent as part of my family."

    Masha, Killian and baby
    "After previous caesarian section, expecting a big baby I really wanted to have a natural birth but after a few meetings with the consultant in the hospital we realised that chances for that were tiny. That's why we decided to sign a contract with the independent Birth Centre in order to go on this way with like-minded people. Sangeeta was one of them. She supported us through the last months of pregnancy and accompanied me during the labour and after. Sangeeta is a very spiritual person. She gave us all her love, care and support. We had to move from the Birth centre to the hospital and she did all her best to make this place warm, friendly and safe. So finally our magnetic 11 lb boy Matthew, healthy and beautiful, naturally arrived in this world. Sangeeta even washed me in the room as I was too weak to go to the shower. The whole experience was amazing! We are incredibly grateful to you, Sangeeta, for all your help. It was a pleasure to meet you and invite you to our lives! Thanks a million again and good luck!"

    Stokely, Chris and baby
    "My fourth child saw me living in France. Realising that independent midwifery is virtually illegal there (liability insurance issues), I came back to the UK as the French are highly interventionist.

    I went to stay at the "outlaws" and my then partner carried on working on our house in France. Having the baby at the outlaws' house wouldn't have been appropriate. However, I had found a local independent doula who was willing to let me have the baby in her house with a large birthing pool. She too was on holiday, however, and the NHS midwife I was assigned told me to iron my underpants to cut down on risk of infection among other bits of voodoo and prepare myself for not having the baby at home.

    Then I met Sangeeta.

    Sangeeta and I went for a few walks together. She sounded me out about what kind of support I felt I needed. Sangeeta can read people: it's non-intrusive, but profound. I knew I was very safe. I explained that actually I didn't want the mad NHS midwife near me at all.

    I went into labour around 11pm. Sangeeta and I left the house just past midnight at the moment my then partner arrived from France. We had a fun car journey and a fun time filling up the birthing pool and lighting a fire. It was all good humoured with us each getting on with our separate tasks. Birth as smooth as could be and completely hands off – no poking or prodding, no bright lights. The most challenging bit for me was the placenta as my contractions seemed to get far more brutal. Sangeeta made and fed me the most wonderful fruit salad afterwards. That was really nice: blueberries, a fire, and a brand-new baby. We were back at the outlaws by 6am.


    Sangeeta's care over the next couple of weeks was perfect, and perfectly tuned to see that I got the level of attention I wanted (minimal but caring in my case). She made up her own little health-kit of homeopathic medicines and other things for me. This was very useful.

    Strangely, I think this was also particularly useful for the outlaws. My mother-in-law did confide to me what I'm sure she's never told anyone about her own birth experience – being left alone in a room to just get on for a day; feeling humiliated, like she wasn't doing things properly.


    So reviewing this, I see I've told you very little about Sangeeta and very much about other things, the things she is not: not a bully, not interventionist. Let me emphasise that this was a beautifully positive and caring birth; also very professional. I have no worries about her ability to handle a far more complicated birth with the calm and skill necessary. Were I having more babies, I would seek to have them with Sangeeta.

    I speak up to my friends the value of an independent midwife and the need for a strong advocate of your own wellbeing rather than labour ward efficiency. Far too many have deeply demoralising, destructive experiences. This isn't necessary. I don't know why we do this to women."

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