Unlimited travel for students

Devon wide

If you're aged 18 or under and in full time education, we've got just the ticket! Our Stagecoach South West termrider gives you up to 17 weeks of unlimited bus travel in your chosen travel zone.

Why you'll love your termrider ticket
You'll love your termrider as it's:

unlimited – travel at weekends, in the evenings and during half term for no additional cost
the same price each term – spread the total cost evenly
10% cheaper than the equivalent 13 week megarider (and lasts up to 17 weeks)
Your termrider now comes on a StagecoachSmart card, an electronic card with a chip that stores your ticket for use on the bus. No more paper tickets!

Who can use a termrider ticket?
Anyone 18 or under and in full-time education can use a termrider ticket. If you look older than 18, you'll need to carry ID to prove your age.

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