Freelance Dietitian

Devon wide

I am a fully qualified Registered Dietitian. <br />I offer up to date evidence based guidance on nutrition by giving practical and easy to follow advice.<br /> <br />Working together with my clients I am able to provide expert advice in order to promote health, reduce illness and improve quality of life. I can see patients on an individual basis and can give educational/informative sessions to groups.<br />Below are lists of the Conditions and Syptoms I can advise on. However, this list is not exhaustive so please call me to discuss your specific needs.<br /> <br />Conditions<br /><br />Obesity/Weight loss<br />Malnutrition/underweight<br />Healthy Eating<br />Nutrition in later life<br />Learning Disabilities<br />Diabetes-Type 1 and 2<br />High blood pressure<br />High Cholesterol<br />Womens Health<br />Pre-conception and Pregnancy<br />PCOS<br />IBS<br />Coeliac Disease<br />Food intolerances<br />Migraines<br />Bone Health/Osteoporosis<br />Diet &amp; Cancer<br />Diet &amp; Multiple Sclerosis

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