Cakes made entirely of Sweeties


I make cakes made only of sweets. A great alternative to the traditional cake. <br />Cakes easily dismantled into party bags.<br />They are individually hand-made, containing your favourite sweets, from cola bottles, to marshmallows, you can request your likes or dislikes, or just have a mixture. The walls of the cake are made from either, jelly babies, marshmallows or fizzy belts.<br />Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, Baby showers, Hen do's, Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Office Parties. These cakes are perfect to share without the mess.<br />Standard sized cake prices start at &pound;22 for single numbers/letters, &pound;40 for double.<br />Bespoke shapes or character cakes from &pound;25.<br />Cones &pound;2<br />Smaller individual ones can be made too.<br />Please contact me for further information<br />Tel: 07968985661, or visit me on Facebook: - please like me!!

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