Sports Massage Therapy


Established in 2014 at Sandbanks Yacht Co. in Poole, our select team of sports massage therapists offer truly unrivalled care. Popular with both athletes and non-athletes alike, we can restore your body to its optimum health through highly expert and intelligently targeted massage therapy. Choose from the convenience of our Bournemouth clinic at the Littledown centre, or the exclusive surroundings of our Poole clinic at Sandbanks Yacht Co.
With many years' experience in the field, our therapists are experts in pain management and injury prevention, offering Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation, Sports Massage and Kinesiology Taping.
So whether you're an office worker with upper back problems or a footballer with persistent leg pain, we'll keep your body in balance and pain free.
Open Monday to Saturday 9am - 8pm (mon-fri) and 9am-1pm Saturday
Free parking and cafe on site

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