Food Farmacy

Bournemouth Centre

Food Farmacy has been created to offer & provide that initial quick, fast and fresh healthy alternative.

Working alongside top nutritional advisers and chefs our menus have been developed & stacked with only the healthiest produce & superfoods around. All food fresh an locally source where possible with no hidden extras or “nasties”. Food Farmacy is what you see it's what you get & those is fresh vibrant food in its most natural state BUT guess what? It is quick too. Yes fast food, junk food NO!

At Food Farmacy not only are you getting a good wholesome meal but we will do our utmost to empower you with the knowledge needed to make better healthier eating choices in the future. Food Farmacy is officially here to set a standard & raise expectations on fast convenient foods. Our aim is to prove that healthy wholesome foods can be just as tasty & more importantly just as quick.

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