Hedony Hair Salon

Bournemouth Centre

HEDONY one of Bournemouth's top hair salons offering a variety of services including cutting, colouring &amp; highlights by talented, award-winning stylists. Our luxury salon is based at Poole Hill in Bournemouth, Dorset, with the best hair styling in a friendly environment with Chesterfield sofa, hand-made vintage-mirrors, an Italian lay down back-wash, custom blended coffee &amp; late night openings till 8pm on Friday. <br /><br />With award-winning stylists trained at the best &amp; most prestigious hair salons such as Harrods, HEDONY offers top London styling at fantastic prices in Bournemouth, Dorset:<br /><br />Lady's cut &amp; blow dry from &pound;35<br />Colouring from &pound;30<br />Highlights from &pound;45<br /><br />All our stylists are able to offer expert advice on suitable colours and best colouring techniques, not just from a best product perspective but from years of experience in helping customers choose the right colour for the person.

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