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Ashley Cross Montessori Nursery

Lower Parkstone

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Ashley Cross Montessori Nursery is an Ofsted registered day nursery open all year round offering a carefully considered and nurturing home from home environment using Montessori principles, methods and activities.

We have a multi age group of only 26 children in a small setting environment, so your child will be spending time in a very natural and supportive atmosphere that really works for them in developing social skills and is helpful in building confidence so they can embark on all the exciting activities we have to offer with such as cooking, gardening, water and sand play, music and movement and even our own guinea pigs.

We love to talk about what we do so come in and visit us so you can see for yourself how our children love to learn. Settling in periods available now so please call and ask to speak with Lisa or Vanessa to find out more.

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  • avamorgan

    30-Jul-2015 Report

    My daughter started at Ashley cross Montessori when she was two and a half. She was so shy and quiet I worried constantly about how she would cope in a nursery setting. All those worries went very quickly as all of the nursery staff understood her personality perfectly, they gave her reassurance when she needed it and helped her become independent and confident in her own abilities. She is now nearly 5 and about to start school. She is a happy, contented child that likes going to nursery and is ready for the next step. She has learnt so many skills and flourished at this nursery and I fully credit the nursery staff for helping her get to this stage. My son is about to start next week and I have to say I'm excited for him! I know he will love all of the activities offered, especially being out in the garden. I'm not worried about him starting like I was with my daughter as I know from experience he will have a great time!

  • Yyev24

    17-Jul-2015 Report

    My partner and I looked around many different nurseries before stumbling upon Ashley cross Montessori and we are so glad we did because our son s development improved dramatically, he became more independent after just a few months he started, and he always talked happily about all the activities he did at nursery also I found the teachers always kept great communication with me as a parent which is key for me , I highly recommend Ashley cross Montessori Nursery! Happy children , happy parents!! ;)

  • SieBa

    17-Jul-2015 Report

    My elder child attended Ashley Cross Montessori and we found that the very calm, industrious environment suited her immensely. She became totally absorbed in the indoor and outdoor tasks available to her to choose and would paint, bake, prepare snacks for others, scrub and clean and progressed onto increasingly challenging tasks as her skills developed. Through all of this, she was guided by a team of very experienced and caring staff, who take great care to ensure that they identify and are able to meet each child's needs as an individual. Now my younger child attends the nursery, it is all I can do to prevent his sister from dashing into nursery behind him each morning. A true testament to the fun and laughter enjoyed by the children and staff.

  • LizziB2015

    16-Jul-2015 Report

    I have 3 children, all of them have attended Ashley Cross Montessori. They have all flourished in the caring and supportive environment that nursery provides. All of the staff are wonderful, their dedication combined with their experience meant that I was always happy to leave my children in their care. My two daughters and my son were always excited to go to nursery and when I collected them they couldn't wait to tell me what they had been doing, activities ranged from cooking to gardening to learning French. I cannot rate this nursery highly enough. My son starts school in September and we are all extremely sad that the nursery will no longer be a part of our lives.

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