Donna H. Young, Pregnafit


Welcome to Pregnafit! I am passionate about nutrition and fitness and I strongly believe that nurturing a conception and pregnancy with optimum nutrition, regular exercise and therapeutic massage can lead the way to an enjoyable, symptom-free pregnancy, a safer and less complicated birth and, most importantly, a healthy, strong and happy baby! I offer a comprehensive range of pre-conceptual and maternity health and fitness services including personal training, Pilates, pregnancy massage and nutritional advice. I have a Degree in Sport Science as well as qualifications in Pre- and Postnatal Personal Training, Optimum Nutrition, Pre- and postnatal Pilates, Pregnancy and Childbirth Massage and I am a Foresight Preconception practitioner. I have worked in the fitness industry for over 16 years and have specialised in pre- and postnatal health and fitness for over a decade. By providing safe, effective and expert guidance on pre- and postnatal exercise and nutrition, as well as holistic pregnancy massage therapy, I can help you lay the foundations of an optimally healthy conception and pregnancy and a quick and easy recovery after you have welcomed your baby into the world.

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