MVT Mobile Vehicle Technicians

Dundee Wide

We are based at our garage in Dundee but unlike most mechanics, we come to you. We cater to customers throughout Dundee and surrounding area. Whether your car requires a simple routine service or more in-depth repair work, we are able help!

With a combined experience of 20 years as car mechanics in the motor trade, we have been independent vehicle mechanics in Dundee since 2009! As the modern motor car has become a more complex machine, we have continued to update our knowledge and skills so that we are able to help with the routine servicing and occasional breakdown or repair of our customer's cars in Dundee.

We've also invested heavily in our garage and repair centre in Dundee - which we use when your car cannot be serviced or repaired at your home or place of work or when the weather makes it difficult for us to work outside.

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