Meal Makers

Dundee Wide

Could you cook an extra portion of dinner for an older neighbour?

Meal Makers is a free, local neighbourhood food-sharing project that connects people and local communities through food. We use an online platform to connect volunteers of any age who have a passion for cooking and want to be active in their communities (Cooks), with older neighbours over the age of 55 (Diners) who would appreciate a home cooked meal. Once a Cook and Diner have been matched the Cook will prepare an extra meal and deliver it to their Diner at a time agreed by both parties.

The project aims to reduce food poverty and malnutrition, improve diets and combat social isolation by breaking down the barriers that lead to loneliness.

If you would like to sign up as a cook and do something great with an extra plate, register on or contact 0800 783 7770 /

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