Daisy Birthing - Pregnancy Yoga


Daisy Birthing weekly clases include pregnancy yoga inspired movement which helps you to enjoy a relaxed pregnancy, easing common pregnancy ailments and preparing your body for labour. While you move you will learn active birth education to help you work with your body during labour and not against it, this alone can help shorten your labour time. Throughout the classes you will learn and practice 3 breathing techniques to use at different stages of labour, which really help you to focus during contractions and keep your body fully oxygenated. Each class then finishes with a guided relaxation, this self-hypnosis technique helps you to release any negative beliefs you may have about birth, whilst installing new, more empowering beliefs! It is also a beautiful opportunity to unwind and bond with your baby.

Please email me on vicky@soulfulbirth.co.uk to book or ask any questions

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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