Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


Are you feeling exhausted, tired, or do you have other health issues? Are you having difficulties getting pregnant? Do get in contact with me so that we can build a personalised program to help you building your immune system, so that your body has the ability to get stronger and heal itself. I'm a doctor in behavioural biology and the evolution of human diet, certified nutritionist and lifestyle coach and mother of a beautiful 2 year old daughter. My specialisations are: weight loss, digestive issues, food allergies, skin problems, (pre) pregnancy and baby diet, diet for diagnosed cancer patients, PMS, heart and vascular diseases, low energy and fatigue (because of stress, burnout). I work one on one with my clients by Skype, phone, or face-to-face at the Northern Integrative Health Practice in Sacriston, County Durham. Any questions? Contact me directly by phone or write me an email.

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