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Acton Carpet Cleaning Ltd.


Choose us for Acton house cleaning help and we won't let you down. You will be more than satisfied with our W3 home cleaning service. This is largely down to our superb home cleaners. They are indeed the greatest you'll find. Our house cleaners are always up to scratch with their domestic cleaning and we wouldn't be more proud of them for their excellent work and performance. They constantly amaze us. Call us on 020 3743 8596. Visit www.ActonCarpetCleaning.org.uk to learn more about Acton Carpet Cleaning Ltd.

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  • phillipanderson

    26-Aug-2016 Report

    Thanks to the budget-friendly prices at Acton Carpet Cleaning I can finally afford professional office cleaning! My office is always immaculate and everything is thoroughly cleaned every time. I cannot believe the value for money and am very impressed!

  • LlillyCollins

    29-Sep-2015 Report

    I had Acton Carpet Cleaning come and clean for me for the first time and they really proved to be such a great company! I am thrilled with their services; they are so efficient and reliable too. All I have to do is call and they are here to help me at any time I choose. I think they are just great! They make my rug cleaning problems a thing of the past.

  • JasonCarlson

    15-Jul-2015 Report

    My house was in a real tip after my recent house move. It had been days since I moved in and I still hadn't got round to clearing away the boxes and bits of tape and packing materials that was left scattered around the house from all the unpacking. Work was keeping me busy, so the logical option for me was to call Acton Carpet Cleaning. They were a friendly bunch of cleaners, turned up on time and quickly rectified the situation, clearing away all the mess and cleaning my house in the process. Brilliant job!

  • VanessaLogan

    20-May-2015 Report

    My baby had spilt milk all over my new rug, and I was distressed as I couldn't afford to replace it. My mum told me about a new company in the area who had some great cleaning offers available. Acton Carpet Cleaning were brilliant and did a super job. The stains and smells had soon disappeared from the cleaning method and looked like new again. I was so impressed. The company was fantastic and so helpful.

  • JulieSaunders

    27-Nov-2014 Report

    I have been hiring Acton Carpet Cleaning on a regular basis for over a year now, to be fair I don't know how I ever coped before because I totally rely on them now. I would never go back to struggling and juggling to try and fit everything into a tight schedule again, no way! I'm sticking with this plan instead because it is so much easier and it's great. They visit every month and in-between I manage doing bits and bobs around the home but you can tell when they are due, my home is deffo in need of a good clean by the end of the month lol.

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