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Carpet Cleaning Acton W3


The cleaners of Carpet Cleaning Acton W3 will take care of the disinfection of every part of your home or work place. Those professionals will make sure that every little stain and mark is removed from the floors, the carpets and the furniture in your real estate property. You can rely on them for the washing of the windows, for the removing of the dust and anything else that comes to your mind.

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  • millieniamh

    29-Jun-2015 Report

    After using the rug cleaning provided by this company, our Persian rug looks much better than before. It is rid of the unpleasant stains, pet odour and darkening which it used to have. The cleaning technicians inspected the rug and moved all items from it. They sanitized our rug using advanced machines, non-toxic detergents and effective stain removers. The cleaning was followed by deodorizing the rug which made it refreshed and fragrant. The rug cleaning which we had was very professional and done at a fair price. It restored the original colours of our Persian rug and now it looks like never before.

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