11+ Maths Booster Course


Two-day 11+ Maths Booster Course in Marylebone during the Christmas holidays. <br /><br />The purpose of the course is to let students have an intensive and thorough check through of all the topics that come up on the 11+ maths exam. <br /><br />The children will be organised into groups of up to four with a CRB-checked maths tutor to clarify any problems they may have. <br /><br />We also will invigilate a mock exam that will mimic the experience of their upcoming school examinations, as children will be from a variety of London schools. <br /><br />The standard of the exam will be approximate to the London Consortium Group examinations. <br /><br />Parents are given personalised feedback for their child.<br /><br />The style of the course is designed to be interactive between the tutors and groups to ensure that the children are continuously engaged during the course days.<br /><br />The tutors are Oxbridge graduates each with over 5 years' experience.

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