Acting the Party


Your time, your choice, your place. Acting the Party is a unique party idea. Children's party entertainment to aid parents run a party in their own home with very little organisation to do before hand and practically none on the day.

The games are set within an audio play which children act to.

Within the pack:
1 x Fantasy Story Play CD including brilliant sound effects
8 x Invitations plus 1 spare
1 x Welcome and Instructions
On the Day Follow Game Card
Treasure hunt
Pin the tail
Riddles & secret clues
Music for games and dancing
and much, much more!

Let all the drama and action be only that set out in the play. So easy, so much fun and such big savings!!

And from as little as £2.50 per guest for a two hour party.

For more information on our acting-packed children's parties, please call us on 0845 475 2115 or visit our website

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