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At some instant, you are going to find yourself contemplating on hiring a professional company for Ealing home storage services. If you are doing that right now, you should most definitely opt for our domestic storage. It is the best you will find for sure. Why is that? We use our mobile self storage for this specific service which means that you can receive the most cost effective, reliable services there is. On a trailer, we will drop off a storage container to your house which you can fill with your own things that you are having stored with us. That's all there is to it.

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  • carlbaker

    28-Jul-2016 Report

    I was so pleased with the storage unit I hired for my surplus of business stock. I wanted secure and clean storage and got it from Storage Ealing. The storage was well kept and modern and equipped with the latest electronic alarms and cameras. My business stock was stored carefully and I have had no problems.

  • RussellFrank

    26-Aug-2015 Report

    Fantastic service, friendly staff, outstanding price, what else could you want!

  • MackAdams

    03-Dec-2014 Report

    After my third child room was limited in our home. But, as we couldn't afford to move we decided to have a sort out. A lot of stuff we decided could be placed into low cost storage for safe keeping for a while until we could afford to move. We used a superb storage firm called Storage Ealing who had safe and well kept storage rooms at low prices. Another good advantage was we could choose a size to suit our needs. It was an easy solution to load up the unit and lock it. We can call and collect things if we need to and can rest assured it is in a safe and secure environment.

  • HollyMarshall351

    17-Oct-2014 Report

    I was moving house but my new property was having last minute problems, and the completion date had changed. I was stressed and needed storage within days of my scheduled move. I contacted the removal firm I was using called Storage Ealing and they saved the day. They were able to provide low cost and short term storage for my home contents until the house was ready. I was so pleased. The move was rearranged, and placed in well kept storage. I was so happy with service, though I have had an extra cost with the storage the company were really understanding and helpful with the situation I was in. Thank you so much for your help.

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